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The Final Lap: Best in Class for the 2022 season with Cole Sorenson

A look at the leaders around the Westshore Motorsports Park
The 1967 Ford Super Stock of Jim Steen (left), Harvey Allison, Jackson Filtness, Dave Lachmund and Glen Croft in 1973. (Barrie Goodwin photo)

Katrina Leslie/Contributor

As the races come to a close at Western Speedway on Sept. 16 and 17, the major players this season have made their impact.

While final standings will not be officially noted until after the last car has crossed the finish line, we have put together a short list of the racers who have made a significant impact during this final season at Western Speedway, with the help of Cole Sorenson of Westshore Motorsports.

Since Sorenson has announced the races at the track since he was 14, there has been an intimate connection between him and the racetrack and its racers.

“This season has been bittersweet because you have the excitement of the races, but you know this is the last time you’re going to be able to do this, at least at this location. At the same time, all these final events have had that added special meaning, if you win this race, you’re going to be the last person ever to have your name stamped on that trophy for winning it at the original track,” said Sorenson on the overall feeling from this season’s races.

Winged-Sprint Cars – Aaron Willison

For many years, Willison has been coming from Surrey to race at the track, winning both the Strawberry and Daffodil cups. This year, Willison has had a very successful season across North America racing for Rendle Brothers Racing.

Non-Winged Sprint Cars - Rhett Smith

Smith is a local racer with a family history in racing. Smith’s grandfather Bill (Bullet) Smith was racing into the 1980s, all of his sons raced, and now his grandchildren are keeping the family tradition alive.

Smith won Saturday night of the Daffodil Cup and is leading the Island in non-winged sprint car points.

Late Model Cars – Rory Smith

Smith, Rhett Smith’s brother, has also had a fantastic season.

Smith won three out of five races this season and got second place in the ones he did not place first. He is the easy favourite for the final weekend.

Stock Cars – Brendan Moore and Jeff Hamstra

Moore and Hamstra were fascinating to watch this season. Moore had the most main event wins this season, while Hamstra had more consistent nights. Both will be at the final races, and it will be exciting to see who comes out on top.

Outlaw 4’s – Jason Day

Day has been racing in the Outlaw 4 class for a few years and had a great season this year, winning most of his races.

Old Timers – Troy Tarbuck

Tarbuck has raced in various classes and is fantastic behind the wheel. Old Timers is more of a fun class and not as serious as the others, and Troy has done very well in his races this year.

Special Mention – Jimmy Steen

Steen is worth mentioning because no other racers on the final weekend can say that they not only raced in the very first races back in 1954 but also will be racing in the last races at the original track. Now in his 80s, Steen has seen it all at the racetrack.

Best of luck to every racer participating in the final races this weekend.

First place or last place, it has been a notable and historic season for everyone.

Good luck!

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