Foster’s Bridge

Foster’s Bridge

Metchosin Then and Now: Old Foster’s Bridge now a pedestrian crossing

Lay of the land has changed in the decades since first bridge was built

Locations of landmarks have often been referred to by the name of the closest resident. Hence, this is what distinguished Foster’s Bridge from others in the area.

Early in the last century, John Foster and his wife and two girls settled at the junction of East Duke and Metchosin roads. Mr. Foster served as a Metchosin School trustee, and when Albert Head School was built in 1914, he served as a trustee and secretary until its closure in 1945.

He was also road foreman for the district for many years. When the rock quarry was in operation at Albert Head from 1910-15, Mr. Foster ran a small convenience store on his property. He was Albert Head postmaster from 1914-16 until the contractor for the rock quarry was required by the war effort and the quarry was closed.

Metchosin Road crossed Latoria Creek and continued up what is now Farhill Road. The bridge was replaced by a culvert long ago and the road has been moved many times as the gravel pit grew. A pretty walking bridge built by dedicated Metchosin Trail Stewards crosses the creek now and allows the imagination to remember quieter and slower times.

– Wendy Mitchell

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