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Colourful new cards part of exciting month at Greater Victoria Public Library

Langford branch joins others in unveiling new features for GVPL
Kate Wood

Faithful users of the Greater Victoria Public Library have a chance to flash a little more colour when they borrow items from their local branch.

This week the library introduced a new collection of three library cards, designed to add a little more flair to its operations. Similar to grocery and other loyalty cards, they now come with a handy keychain version as well.

“It’s nice to have something fun and different that illustrates all the services the library offers,” said Kate Wood, a circulation assistant at the Goudy Branch on Goldstream Avenue in Langford.

While the new card designs have been popular at the branch since they were unveiled on Monday, Wood said not everyone is anxious to trade in their old card for a new one.

“There was one lady who came in whose card was almost falling apart, but she didn’t want a new card.”

For patrons who prefer the traditional blue and white design, they are still available, but the keychain tag has been added.

The whimsical graphics are the work of GVPL’s graphic designer Susie Jones, who called the new cards “a little fun in your wallet.”

While the new cards are attracting attention at the counter for existing patrons, Wood said she’s signing up three or four new people a day who are looking to use the library’s many services.

Besides books and music, an expanded feature film DVD collection continues to be popular for people looking to borrow movies both new and classic, she said. And the GVPL’s recent addition of the free Zinio for Libraries digital magazine application for smartphones has helped attract even more new users.

“I’m excited about Zinio, said fellow Goudy Branch circulation assistant, Tiffany Chu. “I feel like we’re doing a lot to get people in.”

Stop by your local branch to upgrade your card or sign up for free. To find out more about the cards or how to sign up for Zinio, visit