COLLEGE HOOPS: Camosun Chargers cut up Capilano Royals

Chargers men double up with home wins over Capilano Royals and Quest Kermodes

Stelly's grad James Blandford scored 20 points on Friday as the Camosun Chargers dusted the second ranked team in the country

Friday was a big leap forward for the improved Camosun Chargers men’s basketball team.

The Chargers (6-2) put a beat down on nationally No. 2 ranked Capilano Blues, 91-63 at the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence.

Rookies Trevor Scheurmann (Winnipeg) and James Blandford (Stelly’s) led the Chargers with Scheurmann netting 24 points, five rebounds, and Blandford scoring 20 points and six rebounds.

On Saturday, however, the Chargers slipped back from their form and fell behind in the early going against the Quest Kermodes (Squamish).

Down 32-26 at the half, the Chargers recovered in the final two quarters win 68-58.

The pair of victories pushed the Chargers up one spot in the PacWest conference standings to third, behind the first place V.I. Mariners and second place UNBC Timberwolves (the latter being the only teams to defeat the Chargers this season).

“I think that CAP is trying to find their identity after the break. They did not play their best basketball and will be tough to beat in the future,” said Chargers coach Craig Price on the team’s website. “Against Quest, it took us the entire first half to start attacking. When we became more confident and played with conviction we were considerably better.”

It was the flip side of the coin for the Chargers women, who lost 76-62 to Capilano and 68-57 to Quest. The women now sit in sixth with three wins in eight games.

This weekend the both Chargers basketball teams visit the Langara Falcons and Kwantlen Eagles (Surrey).