Government thumbs nose at Supreme Court ruling

Ignoring court decision on class size and composition a slap in the face

I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I am raising my great niece and grandson, who should be starting grades 3 and 4 this week.

I am very disappointed that the B.C. Liberal government and B.C. teachers have not been able to reach a negotiated settlement.

We live in a democracy where we should be able to believe that when something such as class size and composition is dealt with in a Supreme Court decision, the decision is binding on both parties. I am somewhat baffled the court decision is now being “negotiated” after the fact by the government of the day and that our children are not going back to school.

Is the government trying to teach our children that as long as you are the party in power, you can decide whether or not to accept a Supreme Court ruling? Get our children back to school.

Trudy Spiller