Detached suites bad for Metchosin

The detached secondary suites referendum, meaning second houses, passed in Metchosin by a miniscule margin of only two per cent.

The detached secondary suites referendum, meaning second houses, passed in Metchosin by a miniscule margin of only two per cent.

The referendum was widely advertised by the District as non-binding, but for some reason council is now treating it as binding. Does council know something it’s not telling us?

Metchosin is clearly divided on this issue. Council, however, is not divided. Council is solidly unanimous in its support for second houses on more than two-thirds of all the land parcels in Metchosin.

What about the people who voted against this. Who is representing them?

Perhaps it is time to step back and rethink the situation in Metchosin. The reason for the years-old ongoing fight regarding detached secondary suites is triggered by money only. Thanks to this council, there will be profit for a few on one side and permanent loss of lifestyle and higher taxes for the majority.

If the pro-second houses decision is final, Metchosin will have reached a turning point in this year of 2012, which will remain permanently connected with this council. How could they be proud of it?

If I had planned to build a detached secondary suite I would enjoy champagne now.

Dietrich Heinicke