Metchosin Cougars wallop Incogs

Cricket squad 2-5 as they approach mid-season

Katherine Engqvist

Special to the Gazette

In the world of local cricket, Father’s Day was celebrated a little differently.

The Metchosin Cougars spent the day at St. Michaels University School battling host team, the Incogs.

Captain Rohan Gowda and Blair Boardman led Metchosin during the early innings, trying to keep the Incogs labouring in the heat, which reached 24 degrees by the afternoon.

The Cougars passed the torch to Australian all-rounder Sam Rocher and Division II call-up Rick Gardner in the 41st over, who added another 17 runs and closed the innings at the full 45 overs with a loss of only six out.

Metchosin wasted no time in the field, with Craig Anderson making a low catch for the first wicket before a run could be scored.

Then Mike Smith took the ball after the first drinks-break, creating quite the spectacle of spin-bowling, baffling the batsmen, and putting an end to any hopes of an Incogs comeback.

The team continued to make a number of timely catches, ending the game ahead 43 runs. Metchosin’s record is now 2-5 as they near the mid-point of the season.

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