West Shore traffic woes through poor planning

The real traffic problem is the lack of roads from downtown Victoria going west. The “Colwood crawl” should be called the “View Royal toil” because all of the west traffic squeezes through View Royal.

A few years ago a fatal accident happened during the afternoon rush on the Trans-Canada Highway, it took over five hours for the traffic snarl to clear.

They are spending millions “improving” the Island Highway through View Royal and keeping it two lanes. More than 20 per cent of the road cost goes to building bike lanes through View Royal ($2 million) for bikes. I have yet to see more than four bikes.

Veteran’s Memorial Parkway is a great four lane road, however, the traffic light at Goldstream Avenue at VMP only allows 10 cars per lane on the before the light changes.

The future Spencer Road overpass in Langford looked like a good plan, but it died after being half-built because Langford depended on developers to pay for it, and it didn’t seem to have a plan to connect it to Sooke Road.

Asking for a rail transportation system for Victoria is marketing, running it economically is something else.

Taxpayers seem to pay for the transportation system whether it makes money or not. A recent estimate put the light rail cost at nearly $1 billion. Crazy.

John Webber