Developments along Latoria Road are contributing to serious environmental concerns

Developments along Latoria Road are contributing to serious environmental concerns

Vanishing wetlands and trees are a major concern

Langford and Colwood's development philosophies seem short-sighted, reader writes

Further to recent stories in the Gazette about proposed developments in Colwood/Langford, I suggest that a tree protection bylaw is required in our area. This would help in shaping our communities for a brighter future.

I am sure our citizens would be in favour of having trees and wetlands dealt with in a different manner than currently. All one has to do is drive along Latoria Road to see clear-cut properties, where wetland areas are being drastically reduced or have disappeared due to infill.

Colwood and Langford councils seem to be in a great hurry to scoop in revenue and are allowing land developers almost a free-for-all. Over and over it appears that councils are not taking local area voters’ voices into consideration on development density concerns. Petitions with hundreds of signatures are cast aside. They are not realizing what they are allowing to be created for our future.

I suggest Dogpatch will resurface. It will appear in a different form. High density can create its own special needs. Civic leaders (land use and planning committee members) should open their eyes and see that allowing a raping of the land does not lead to a healthy outcome. A tree protection bylaw would be a start.

Years ago Saanich enacted a tree protection bylaw, which allowed such developments as Broadmead to be created. The Happy Valley and Latoria Valley areas don’t seem to have a hope. Will Bear Mountain be renamed Bare Mountain? Do we want to create a Surrey or a Broadmead?

Jim Coates