Use culling to feed the homeless

Deer taken in upcoming cull could be used to feed those who often go without

I write in regards to the culling process of deer in Oak Bay and Saanich.

Don’t these deer protesters have anything else constructive to do? There are hunters who hunt deer every year for their own food. I am a vegetarian, but realize there are lots of people out there that love all kinds of meats. What’s wrong with culling the deer for the poor and homeless?

In Brooks, Alberta, the processing plant there culls 2500-3200 cattle a day. What about that? I guess nicely packaged meats in a grocery store is okay? The culling of cattle is okay? If The slaughtering of animals is out of sight and out of mind, it’s okay? Sure, deer are pretty, but so are some cows, lambs and goats.

To these protestors, I say this: please look for some meaningful volunteering jobs for the homeless, shelter and food banks.

Knut A. Krogstad