Too many problems with smart meters

Re: Dumb leaders attack smart meters, B.C. Views, Oct. 7, 2011.

Re: Dumb leaders attack smart meters, B.C. Views, Oct. 7, 2011.

I am amazed that Black Press newspapers allow anyone to get space as an editorial to write false accusations, misinformation and biased statements.

Tom Fletcher is demeaning honest councillors and mayors who listened to their constituents, considered the information given them and decided at the Union of B.C. Municipalities conference  to vote to ask the province for a moratorium on smart meters.

Calling them ignorant and fearful just shows how out of touch Fletcher is, or rather how in touch with the B.C. Liberal party he is.

The problems with the smart meter program are many: 1) the meters emit a 2b carcinogen, the same classification as DDT and lead.

If I can’t put DDT on my lawn why is Hydro allowed to put this on my home? Fletcher has no understanding of the health risks.

2) The chips in the meters will gather personal information not needed for billing which until now has only been provided with a court order. In the U.S. this information has been sold.

In addition, wireless technology is easily hacked. This is an invasion of privacy not allowed under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

3) Everywhere smart meters have been installed monthly utility bills have increased drastically — 80 per cent and more.

4) Inexperienced people with only two weeks training are doing what an electrician should be doing, resulting in damages to homes and appliances. Hydro and Corix are not accepting responsibility.

5) No democratic choice — everyone is being forced to have one despite legitimate concerns.

6) No energy savings will be realized — they haven’t anywhere else.

To this, Energy Minister Rich Coleman and Premier Christy Clark say they don’t share our concerns. I say they should.

Fletcher should stop being allowed to present himself as a reporter when he is, in fact, the government’s mouthpiece.

Sharon Noble