STUDENT VOICES: Writing student offers top 10 list for self-care

The importance of self-care addressed with some helpful tips

Sometimes we get so swept up in school or work that many of us don’t realize how to take care of ourselves daily. Here are some steps everyone can take to do just that.

1. Take a moment to breathe

A regular day can get chaotic at times; so when you get the chance, stop and breathe deeply. There are many life-changing benefits to calming your mind in a meditating way, such as the ability to think more clearly, and improved health and well-being.

2. Live in the moment

Don’t waste a possible memory on your phone, enjoy the moments when good times come and make a life worth remembering. So many people focus on technology these days that we live through a phone or a camera instead of experiencing it ourselves.

3. Understand that some people have things going on we don’t know about

People who yell at you while driving, or bump into you on the street without apologizing may come off as rude and uptight. But they could just be having a rough day. Don’t waste energy by reacting to those people in a way neither of you need.

4. Appreciate your surroundings

A lot of us take for granted the fortune in our lives and think every 24 hours is just another day that goes by. Look at the people you laugh with and be grateful for their kindness. Be lucky for whatever place you call home. Be happy that you have a paying job if that is the case. Be thankful for the beautiful place you live in. Your life can improve so much by looking at things more positively. Expressing gratitude towards something will boost your happiness and improve your life immensely, making you a better person.

5. Try new things

Why go through life looking back at memories you didn’t partake in? Who cares if that meal looks weird? Try it. Take up a yoga class for the first time. Say “yes” to the adventure your friend asks you to join. Be the person that makes their life worthwhile.

6. Drink green tea and water

Okay, maybe these drinks aren’t the best tasting, but they have terrific health benefits, such as improved brain function, fat loss and the flushing out of toxins. Society is getting reliant on soda, milkshakes, alcohol and sugary drinks, which lead to weight gain, heart problems and increased risk of pancreatic cancer. So think: would you rather feel good or gross about what you’re putting in your body?

7. Read a book

What interests you? Find a book that tells the tales of a subject you enjoy and read it. Reading doesn’t just mentally stimulate you, it can take you to another place of mind. Your curious and imaginative side will expand so much more. Also, it improves focus, concentration and reduces chances of Alzheimer’s and/or dementia.

8. Talk about yourself

It isn’t vain to love yourself. If you think you look good, then say it out loud. If you need to rant about something that is personally bothering you, tell somebody. Talk about your passions; what makes you happy or extremely frustrated. Speak your mind.

9. Make time

Not just for yourself but for those you love. Take time out of your busy day to spend some down time alone and relaxed, or go hang out with a friend or family member. How irrelevant is your busy schedule compared to someone you deeply care about? Take time to do both.

10. Pursue your dreams

You only get one chance at life.

Kianna Cooper is a student in Lauren Frodsham’s Writing 11 class at Belmont secondary.

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