STUDENT VOICES: Deciding to be happy is key

A commitment to finding the positives in life can go a long way

When people are sad or feeling negative emotions, they are often quick to blame something that’s happened in their life recently, or someone else who caused them to feel that way.

Nobody wants to accept the blame for their own problems. Though, even the slightest change in attitude can change your perspective. You don’t need someone, or something to help you get rid of negative emotions; it all stems from your own consciousness.

It may sound quite difficult to simply turn off negative feelings, but once you get the process started, it comes a lot easier.

In my past, I struggled with being happy and often felt as though I would never come out of that dark place. Now, when I look back on those times, I realize that I never really tried to get better. I let the days pass, feeling sorry for myself, and that is not the proper way to heal.

My solution to the problems I faced was to simply stop being sad. Happiness, depression, anger: they are all mindsets. If you look in the mirror every day and automatically think terrible things about yourself, what are you getting?

I took the phrase, “fake it until you make it,” very seriously and forced myself to find at least one good thing about myself every day: “my hair looks good today;” “my outfit is put together nicely;” “I look beautiful in this dress.” I would force these accolades out of my mouth each morning. Eventually, I would notice some positive things right away, rather than a few insignificant flaws.

Having confidence was just the beginning, though. Once I started feeling good about myself, so many doors opened up. I saw the world in a different light. I started going out more, showing more of my true self and really enjoying every single day.

A year ago, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing shorts, but now, I’ve gained enough self-love to feel comfortable with it. Of course, everybody has bad days; but if you find yourself feeling upset for no particular reason, why sit around?

Happiness is a choice. You don’t need anything to be fulfilled other than a positive mind. If it seems hard for you, take little steps. Force yourself to get up and do things you enjoy, even if you feel incredibly depressed. Listen to music that brings out joyful feelings, rather than gloomy ones. Smile more, even if it seems to be the most difficult thing.

You are in complete control of your emotions. If you don’t want certain ones to be there, simply throw them away. Keep your head up, stay motivated and I promise, you’ll get to where you need to be.

Kiana Pound is a student in Lauren Frodsham’s Writing 11 class at Belmont secondary.

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