Road layouts becoming dangerous in Colwood

Metchosin Road hill, Latoria Road areas need more attention

Re: Serious engineering issues on gravel pit stretch of Metchosin Road (Letters, Nov. 4)

I totally agree with the comments of Ian Phillips regarding the road situation.

It seems there is a great reluctance to provide right-and left-turn lanes in this area, even where the road is wide enough, e.g. Veterans Memorial Parkway. Vehicles turning on to side streets must slow and turn quickly to avoid incidents.

The new Latoria Road turn-off from Metchosin Road is very poorly designed and is a crash waiting to happen.

New housing developments are popping out of the ground all along Latoria Road and the roadway remains narrow and twisty.

Even if the road was not widened, turn lanes would provide a safe area to enter and exit the new streets. The same is true of Happy Valley Road.

The development in the gravel pit will introduce 2,000 to 3,000 new residents and Metchosin Road remains narrow and will be stressed to handle the increase.

There doesn’t seem to be any planning for vehicle infrastructure when new developments are approved.

Barry Lurges