Resident concerns need to be addressed on Christie Point

A View Royal reader addresses the Christie Point development.

Re: Christie Point remake is too large for site (Gazette Letters, Jan. 6)

At the 2016 fall general meeting of the View Royal Community Association, the planning consultants from Christie Point operators Realstar explained the planning principles, rental policy, construction and design criteria for the redevelopment project.

Many questions from the floor challenged road access, design height, preservation of natural environment and general need for redevelopment in this form.

In a show of hands, most of the audience on hand appeared opposed to the plan in its current form.

In addition to the concerns voiced in the Portage Inlet Protection Society letter, I would also note that though not technically a wildlife sanctuary (it is a bird sanctuary), there are many havens for wildlife in the area (herons, otters, seals, salmon, herring, swans, etc.) and the developers must protect the havens during and after construction.

Mayor Screech’s vision for 2017 may be that “It puts the (increased) residential density in an appropriate place.” In general, the proposal could be an effective means of doing that, but it will take many concessions to local resident concerns or it may be a harder sell than the new fire hall was.

They will first need to solve the daily traffic access and egress problem for 500 families from a single road; while not contributing significantly to the overall, current, horrendous traffic problem on Island Highway through View Royal.

Jim PowellView Royal