Relocating squirrels, raccoons not good idea

Former "backyard rehabilitator" weighs in on trapping issue

Re: Another perspective on trapping (Letters, June 5)

Before relocating to this province from Ontario, I was a “back yard” wildlife rehabilitator for almost 20 years. During that time I saw more than my fair share of squirrels and raccoons.

Squirrels are usually annoying if people want to feed birds. Raccoons can be defensive to protect themselves or their offspring. I have yet to see a squirrel “exhibit intimidating behaviours.”

I agree that their populations can grow depending on the food source, but relocating them is not the answer. Unless you relocate them several miles away, they will be back in your neighbourhood before you are.

To relocate them to a “wild” area will frequently mean death, as these animals are not use to wild foods or foraging. My suggestion is to ask the expert advice of those people who work at Wild ARC. Remember, most of these animals were in residence before humans.

Susan Morgoch