Raccoons are good at finding food anywhere

Re: When homeowners, raccoons collide, News, May 6, 2011.

Many city people are ignorant about animals. Thus it is good that newspapers such as yours publish advice like looking for raccoon babies before blocking a den and not moving baby seals.

However some claims should be challenged. The notion that raccoons would not know how to find food if transplanted to a different area does not make sense given that animals are good at finding food for survival, and raccoons have a reputation as clever scavengers. But those who are frail or encumbered by babies might have more difficulty.

On the other hand, many animals are territorial so try to drive newcomers away. (I don’t know about raccoons, though I expect that in the 15 kilometres radius of movement you quote there are many other raccoons.)

You should ask questions of people who make claims that aren’t logical. Those who deal with wildlife seem to make sense much of the time but do make mistakes.

For example, one claimed there couldn’t be cougars on Salt Spring Island while another claimed some could easily swim the narrow channel — which “expert” was right?

I suggest that much is not known — animals aren’t Twittering to humans about what they are doing where, they are just living their type of life as best they can.

Too many people make assumptions, too often based on human attributes.

Keith Sketchley