PST exemptions needed for HST

The HST could have been brought in by the B.C. Liberals without any opposition if they had simply kept the PST exemptions. Instead they tried to use the HST to make regular citizens pay extra tax to compensate for their significant tax cuts for corporations.

To “save the HST” all Premier Christy Clark had to do was create PST exemptions for the high cost items such as utilities and services, restaurants, haircuts, vitamins, memberships, school supplies, and adult clothing for children.

Instead she has given the taxpayers only a promise that if the tax stays, she will reduce the HST over the next three years. However we were also promised a 15 per cent income tax cut that never materialized.

In our middle income family we have paid an extra $300 in taxes this year just on household utilities and services.

I know if I add in all the other previously exempt items, that cost will double or triple. Our family cannot afford to continue subsidizing corporate business, so we have to vote “no” to keeping the HST.

Lara Allsopp