Province will do whatever it wants on Choices site

A View Royal reader believes the province will ignore any decision the Town arrives at regarding the Choices site.

Re: Neighbour concerned about potential rezoning for Choices

I read Mr. Meilleur’s letter about the Choices situation. I have been aware for some time that the rezoning is being planned.

What we have not been told by the mayor is the truth of the issue. Even if the Town council calls meetings for discussions with the community it will be to no avail.

The province, under B.C. law, is free to ignore zoning bylaws.

I contacted the mayor and pointed out that the council will be wasting everyone’s time with meetings as the community is powerless to do anything. The province is going to go ahead despite any concerns on our part. I wish the mayor would own up.

The sure sign there may be issues with residents at Choices is the fact that they employ security people to walk around our homes that are adjacent to the facility.

Allan Singleton-WoodView Royal