Popularity of parks and trails show their value

Otter Point resident laments lack of new parks in Sooke area

Further to the role of the natural environment in the Sooke area, the parks and trails sustain young peoples’ employment hopes and older Canadians’ retirement dreams. They bring people to the island, and keep them here. The six million annual visits to CRD parks and trails attest to their value.

While it states that “from East Sooke to Port Renfrew each person averages two and a half acres of park land,” a look at the CRD Regional Parks Strategic Plan for 2012 to 2021 shows that the great majority of those parks lay between Sooke, Langford and Metchosin.

Residents of Sooke have to drive to reach them. Residents of Langford can hop on the trolley or step out the door to reach a park.

For the drawing power of wilderness, parks and trails to apply equally to Sooke residents, more parks and trails need to develop in Sooke and points west.

Rosemary Jorna

Otter Point