Opposition criticisms on military hypocritical

The pot on Parliament Hill is still calling the kettle black

Even after their leader, dictator Stephen Harper, has left the House of Commons and left town, there is no letup of the Conservatives’ hypocrisy.

I was hoping the door would hit King Stephen’s rear end on his way out. Instead, the pot on Parliament Hill is still calling the kettle black.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, they criticize the new Liberal government for not being up front about our troops in northern Iraq, when they were deceitful to parliament about that first. According to them, there were no Canadian troops in Iraq and it was a non-combat bombing mission, which is a bunch of bull.

Now they are insisting that the Trudeau government hold an open and transparent competition to replace our aging CF-18 Hornet fighter attack jets with the Super Hornets. I agree that there should be open competition for some twin-engine combat jets; the Super Hornet, the Euro-fighter Typhoon, the French Dassault Rafale; but do the Conservatives take us all for short-term memory morons?

They not only misled parliament over what 65 so-called “stealth” F-35s would have cost us, they would not have had an open competition. They insisted it was the right plane at the right price and anyone who questioned that was an unpatriotic deadbeat. I call it “so-called stealth” because that is a misnomer – they are not invisible to bi-static radar, only mono-static radar.

Andre Mollon