Note to dog owners: observe rules at park

Colwood resident asks that people keep dogs on leash in Creek Park

As a daily user of Colwood Creek Park and having frequented it for 20 years, I am dismayed at the lack of respect shown for the decreasing wildlife and other users of the park.

This is not an off-leash dog park. The City of Colwood does not have typical “leash laws.” Rather, their bylaw indicates a few on-leash required areas and the rest of the city requires dogs be under “effective control.”

One such area is within the playground in Colwood Creek Park, where all dogs must be on leash. Outside the playground, if your dog rampages through the wildlife areas (denoted with signs that say “wildlife area, no dogs”), runs up and jumps on people, aggressively approaches more passive dogs or does not come when called, it is not under effective control.

Kindly respect the bylaws in place, the remaining wildlife in the creek and other users of the park.

Melissa Wolfe