More traffic safety measures needed for Langford road

Glen Lake area resident calls for greater action by city, other agencies

Re: Glen Lake Road to see speed-reducing measures (Gazette, July 29)

I am glad the City of Langford has finally acknowledged that the traffic speeding down Glen Lake Road is a safety concern.

However, this is the same traffic that speeds first down Alouette Drive, ignoring the 30 km/h zone, two crosswalks and soon, the new school walkway before entering Glen Lake Road.

Over the past five years, after three children were almost hit by speeding cars, we have contacted Langford’s engineering department, Langford council, West Shore RCMP and the Integrated Road Safety Unit, Transport Canada and most recently ICBC asking for a solution to calm the traffic. We offered ideas like speed bumps, a four-way stop, police traffic tickets and digital speed signs.

We have been informed that the RCMP does not have a speed monitoring unit and IRSU does not do residential. Langford said to qualify for a four-way stop there must be five or more collisions per year, and unlike View Royal and Saanich, they don’t believe in speed humps.

ICBC said that digital speed signs are a good idea, but the process and the funding will have to be investigated.

With the new Belmont secondary opening in four weeks and Alouette Drive being the main access road to cross for hundreds of school children from K-12, we cannot afford to wait until someone gets killed before anything is done.

Lara Allsopp