LETTERS: Speed problems persist on Fulton

A Colwood resident writes about her concerns regarding chronic speeders on Fulton Rd.

Re: Traffic noise problem in Langford (Letters, Aug. 5)

I heartily agree with Delphine Cummings’ comments, but the problem is not restricted to Langford. Colwood has similar problems and in particular on Fulton Road, the main road going up Triangle Mountain.

The speed limit is 50 km/h, but the majority of truck, van and motorcycle owners seem to think it is 80 km/h, as that certainly is the average speed they go up it, putting the pedal to the floor.

A few days ago a young man lost control of his vehicle on the way up and crashed into a ditch. Perhaps a deer got in the way but excessive speed gives you much less time to react.

There is a motorcyclist who has an extremely noisy bike who goes up at a tremendous speed at night, estimated at close to 100 km/h. We had some friends over the other evening and one of them made a comment about a future organ donor. Sadly, that could be the result, as deer frequent the area.

Many cars speeding down seem to think that honking their horns at the deer will make them get out of the way. That is a noise they don’t relate to and it is a waste of time.

Lastly, my husband saw a young cyclist biking down the hill who had stayed away from the edge of the road, as it is not even.

A car behind him was honking at him to move over and get out of the way.

Some people seem to have lost all sense of courtesy and sharing the road (even with the deer).

The few seconds extra it takes to slow down a bit may in fact save your life.

Eileen BellColwood