LETTERS: Making public comments public vital to sewage planning process

Here's hoping the public discussion about the sewage treatment project becomes public, as well

Re: Westside treatment plans creep forward (Gazette, Feb. 4)

This report is an excellent example of concerned residents getting directly involved in issues concerning sewage treatment: Bryan Gilbert, a Victoria resident, participating in a View Royal open house discussion for our mutual benefit. All residents of the core area municipalities have a stake in the successful outcome of this Westside initiative, and soon to follow in the Eastside.

However, the comment by Colwood engineering director Michael Baxter that ‘this is what you wanted, here’s the price tag,’ does not bode well for an enlightened two-way discussion with those that have to pay the bill. Inflated or misleading cost estimates were a big part of the CRD’s problems previously. Costs need to be vetted by independent third parties and compared on an equal basis.

The Westside Solutions committee should make public the comments received in response to their open houses and surveys to open the discussion further to all interested individuals. In addition, information received in response to the Westside’s Request for Technical Information should be made available for public viewing, so everyone can be enlightened with information on available technical innovations and cost efficiencies.

Oscar Regier