LETTER: View Royal mayor clarifies Christie Point remarks

Mayor David Screech reiterates council's concern for existing tenants

Re: Christie Point resident argues for tenants’ rights (Letters, Feb. 1)

I write in response to Michele Wright’s letter of last week regarding Christie Point. It would seem that she clearly misunderstood the intentions behind my remarks that she refers to.

I wish to be clear that the number one concern of myself and of council in any proposed redevelopment is the fair treatment of existing tenants.

The application for redevelopment has not yet come before council and we have not officially spoken to it. This will happen at a committee of the whole meeting Feb. 15.

I give assurance that, while respecting and recognizing the rights of the property owner, we intend to work to ensure current tenants are treated fairly should this project move ahead. To suggest otherwise would be untrue.

I invite any residents of Christie Point to contact myself or members of council with their interests and concerns regarding this project.

David Screech

Mayor Of View Royal

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