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LETTER: Sounding off over pickleball

I was recently waiting for the bus across from Central Park. For about 10 seconds. I practically sprinted to the next stop at Caledonia to get away from the pernicious ping ping of pickleball.

Fans of the sport say it’s sociable and good exercise. Well, there are a hundred other ways to get together with others and pump up the cardio, ways that don’t inflict such a din on others. Pickleballers can certainly play the game, at indoor courts like Cedar Hill and UVic, and certainly others.

Fans of this sport are like the macho dudes on their Harleys with their painful loud exhausts, or indeed the nitwits who clogged up Ottawa for weeks. I got rights! Responsibilities, huh?

City council has yet again made decisions for this area without talking with those who live here. It’s tedious.

Louis Guilbault