LETTER: Province must build Site C for our future

Colwood resident presents his case for Site C

I moved to B.C. at the age of 16 to work in the forest industry and to this day I believe that I live in the best province in the best country in the world.

So it is urgent that I must comment publicly on what I believe will affect the prosperity of our province for the next several generations. The hydropower system that B.C. Hydro has developed since I arrived in 1956 is the envy of most countries.

Regardless of the political stripe of government in power, upgrades and installations have continued to ensure that industry and population could grow without the slightest thought to power shortages. But now there appears to be a dispute among us over the Site C Dam project that I do not understand.

I believe it will ensure inexpensive clean power for our province for the next 100 years. I know it is not needed right now but starting right now all our energy needs must be converted to electricity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You must know by now how imperative that is. All homes should be heated by electricity. All cars, trucks, buses and trains should be electric. Gas fired power plants must be decommissioned. Add to this demand, the population of B.C. doubling in 60 years. It has more than doubled since I’ve been here.

We must have vision. We need Site C for the future. I know that some land will be flooded and I know that some traditional native rights will be affected, but this power is for everyone. Everyone will benefit, and more importantly our descendants will benefit.

The decision we make to complete Site C will remove a heavy financial burden from our children. Build it now with our money in today’s dollars with B.C.’s AAA credit rating.

Did you know:

1. At a cost of $10 billion Site C will generate enough electricity to pay for itself in 32 years including interest on the loan.

2. Comparing a wind farm to Site C, the cost is similar. The GHG emissions to manufacture each of them would be about the same. Site C will last 100 years. A wind turbine lasts 25 years. That is the industry life span. Recycling, landfilling and remanufacturing a windfarm four times over is the true comparison to Site C in cost and GHG emissions.

3. Can B.C. Hydro be sold like B.C. Rail? No! It is a heritage company that belongs to you. No dam can be sold. I urge you to google and read the “The Clean Energy Act”.

4. Electricity in Denmark and Germany is heavily dependent on wind farms. Consumers pay four times our rates. Denmark’s first windfarm was decommissioned last year. 25 years old. It was worn out.

5. Hydro power is less expensive now than it was in 1960 based on the buying power of a union forestry worker.

1960 – Cost of 1000kwh=$21. Hourly wage $2.10. True cost is 10 hours of labour.

2017 – Cost of 1000kwh=$86. Hourly wage $28.98. True cost is 3 hours of labour.

Electricity in B.C. is a bargain today.

Ted Cameron


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