LETTER: Police resources key to road safety

Having had a deliberately dangerous driver speed around me in a playground zone this morning, I ask if Dean Murdock voted for more funding for police when he was on Saanich council.

I believe Murdock knows there are many streets with narrow pavement in that area, with Rockwell Avenue a safety problem. A few main streets like Gorge West, Cowper, and Dysart do have sidewalks. Some education of pedestrians and bicyclists would help – many people do not grasp that they should walk facing traffic, many bicyclists deliberately endanger themselves.

I see police feet on the street as essential to safety, because deliberately dangerous drivers do not care about their own safety, let alone someone’s children. They routinely speed and tailgate in playground zones, they run red lights and stop signs turning right – a hazard for children trying to get to Craigflower Elementary School for example.

Will current and future Saanich councillors do their duty instead of spending on glitz-like horticultural wonders such as near that school?

Keith Sketchley