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LETTER: Langford council has lost touch with public’s needs

They call these public hearings? Council will not answer questions about the proposal or proposed bylaw(s) except to provide clarification.

Incidentally, they no longer show the name of the person asking for the change in the bylaw(s). Whoever they are, they will soon have destroyed Langford as we have known it, turning into a facsimile of Vancouver, except over a smaller, tighter, barer area. And by the way, don’t believe that news release about helping people buy homes — do the math, it’s not helping.

All these towers, all this traffic, no green space for kids, no new neighbourhood parks surrounding the towers, etc. I think Langford mayor and council have lost touch with reality, and the needs of the people who built Langford.

Now it appears to be all about money and greed. And ego. How very sad.

Wendie O’Neill