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LETTER: Inter-city buses could alleviate highway repair chaos

At the B.C. government’s Nov. 28 media conference, Minister of Transportation Rob Fleming was asked if people would be able to travel into the Interior for the holidays on Highway 3, which is only open for freight and essential travel. Fleming’s non-answer did not even include the word ‘bus’.

Buses can move at least 10 times the number of people as cars through the highway repair chaos we are going to have to live with for some time. Buses will also allow people to avoid driving on dangerous winter roads.

Climate scientists are very clear that we are going to be living with more and more of these kinds of transportation disruptions, and that we need to reduce our reliance on private automobiles. The provincial government’s new climate plan pledges to reduce car travel by 25 per cent by 2030.

An accessible, reliable, frequent, and affordable public inter-community bus network would allow people to move around more safely, and reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Let’s make it happen.

Maryann Abbs