Letter: How not to communicate with your member of parliament

Letter: How not to communicate with your member of parliament

Did you ever have cause to want to speak to your representative in the House of Commons? In a democracy like Canada, where you elect that person, you would think it possible to do so.

Well if your representative is Randall Garrison, you can’t. You can however speak on the phone to one of his staffers, who will demand to know the issue you wish to bring to your MP’s attention and they will determine if it is worthy of Garrison’s time. You can also email him where those same staffers vet his inbox. That same person who answers the phone, again determines whether or not you get to communicate with your MP. Oh yes, you can also go on Facebook and DM your MP but if you want a response from your PM, you are advised you have to email him and of course – back to the staffer. So a staffer determines if you can or can’t communicate with your elected representative in Ottawa.

Now I do realize Garrison is a busy man and he requires staffers to assist where they are able. However after a constituent goes through the “staffer process” and is not satisfied with the response from that level, he or she has a right to communicate with their representative and a staffer should not be the final voice in the process.

Such was my experience when I recently tried unsuccessfully to communicate with my member of parliament, Randall Garrison.

Ed Paquette


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