LETTER: Fix problem infrastructure before adding homes

LETTER: Fix problem infrastructure before adding homes

Thetis Lake area needs more infrastructure, not homes according to one resident

Re: Thetis project moves ahead (Gazette, July 21)

Regarding View Royal’s proposed amendment to the official community plan to change the land use designation plan from parks/recreation/open space to mixed residential – this proposal clearly impacts the natural environment and the developed ecosystem. The Town has continuously approved residential development plans around the affected area of interest which have negatively affected the flora and fauna of this area. Now the Town is considering an expansion around the area of CRD’s Thetis Lake Park. This will seriously affect the current atmosphere of Thetis Lake Park and those that enjoy the park year round.

However, more concerning is the proposed change to the bylaws in order to accommodate up to 350 units. The current infrastructure of Six Mile Road does not and will not support any further vehicle traffic, including trades and construction traffic. Six Mile Road, Atkins Road and Chilco Road have already seen a marked increase in traffic congestion and noise pollution due to the continuing residential developments in the area and due to the Trans-Canada Highway exit onto Six Mile Road. If the Town is hoping to increase residential developments it is imperative that the Town first develop plans and projects to improve the existing infrastructures prior to any changes to the bylaws. Fix what is currently broken before causing more problems.

In summary, these proposed changes to the existing bylaws are completely and utterly irresponsible. The Town already lacks the road infrastructure to support any more residential vehicle traffic in the area. Furthermore, changing dedicated park space to accommodate the development of residential units will have a significant negative impact on the plants and wildlife of Thetis Lake Park. Many residents of Greater Victoria enjoy Thetis Lake Park and are not interested in staring at up to 350 new units.

Ron Stonehouse

View Royal

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