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LETTER: Development a poor fit for Sidney neighbourhood

I wish to express my deep dismay at the recent proposal to redevelop the Cedarwood Motel property by Chard Development and GMC Projects.

They are proposing two five-storey condos with 6,000 square feet of ground-level commercial property built upon a five-and-a-half-foot berm. These huge glass and cement structures would loom over the residential neighbourhood, resembling Trump’s Mexican barrier. Visit 3rd Street and James White to get a feeling for how buildings of this height actually overwhelm a neighbourhood.

In contrast, a current redevelopment on Lochside Drive, Bakerview, gives an idea of what a community-appropriate redevelopment should look like. All the buildings fit in with the character of the neighbourhood. Not only does the build provide ‘densification’ (a term beloved by town planners and developers alike) with 17 single-family houses but it also provides 10 multi-family Habitat for Humanity units that provide truly affordable housing opportunities. This developer actually used the terms ‘density’ and ‘affordable housing’ as more than just marketing slogans.

If you agree that the Bakerview type of approach is the most appropriate contact Sidney’s mayor and council.

Elaine Hicks