Let bullies defend themselves

Paying for the defence of those charged for serious crimes rankles reader

Criminals of today; the police killers, terrorists, religious maniacs etc.; we all know they are just bullies.

We would like to think that if they are so tough, they would have enough guts to face a court of law with a different attitude.

For example: “Sir/Madam of the justice, please do not provide me with any defence. After all, I did the crime, I will do the time. Judge, it is enough that taxpayers are left to pay for my shelter, food, rehabilitation, etc.? Some of these people are on a very low income of $21,000 a year. Me being in jail is going to cost them at least $45,000 a year.”

Can anyone imagine if some of these criminals were to say that? To start with, why do we need to be so gentle with serious offenders? What is the defence for the police killers? In the court of law, it looks like everyone deserves the defence, even if taxpayers have to pay for it.

In the case of police killers and other bad criminals, we do not want to pay for their defence any more. We do not want to hear from their lawyers that the offenders had a bad childhood, or became criminals because of traumatic family circumstances. Gimme a break.

Stefan Mieczkowski