Langford to Victoria LRT makes sense

There is no question that light rapid rail is a far more convenient mode of travel than buses.

There is no question that light rapid rail is a far more convenient mode of travel than buses.

Trains do not stop for traffic, they do not stop at lights, they do not stop at intersections and most importantly they are at a constant high speed the whole time except for a few rail stations where they need to stop along on the route.

It is shocking to think that by 2040, an 80 minute commute is predicted from Victoria to Langford. They are only eight miles apart, so 10 minutes per mile? With light rapid rail, it will always take the same length of time to get between the two cities because it is a fixed mode of travel.

Today buses are stuck in traffic, they have to stop at traffic lights and move at same pace as private vehicles.

It is no-brainer why the light rail is the way to go. Right now I am hearing naysayers saying things like “a billion dollars just for this when we’re already spending a billion dollars for sewage treatment at same time.”

This is very similar to what I was hearing about Greater Vancouver residents for years prior to building its first Expo Line Skytrain line in early 1980s.

Today Skytrain is thriving and expanding to the point where the property values actually increase near a Skytrain stop. So why not same thing here in Greater Victoria?

Just imagine once we have laid down the foundation for a Victoria to Langford rail route, then we will probably expand a second rail line to Victoria Airport and BC Ferries from downtown Victoria.

Imagine how convenient that would be. You wouldn’t need to leave your vehicle at the airport or ferries parking lots. In the long-term future, we probably could easily expand to Sooke and finally up to Duncan as part of southern Vancouver Island light rail infrastructure.

Sounds like a pipe dream? Not necessary unless if we don’t start somewhere first. The Victoria to Langford line for light rapid rail is obviously the start.

Michael Doerfler