Langford resident questions value for sewerage dollars

A Langford resident is concerned about the value behind sewer hookups of the Knotty Pine Road development.

Re: Proposed development triggers concerns over sewer hookups (Gazette, Nov. 11)

Being a resident of the Knotty Pine Road development I was wondering if the Gazette knew why, if a developer is required to pay for the installation of sewers to come up Lequesne Avenue and a short distance down Knotty Pine, that homeowners are required to pay between $10,000 and $12,000 to hookup.It was stated at the Nov. 7 meeting that the developer was to pay for this installation, which includes a trunk line and branches to each home’s property line on the way to Keycorp’s property development.

It seems to be hard to find out what you receive for this amount of money, which I don’t have, but I must hook up before 2019. It seems Westshore Environmental gets a extra $50,000 or $60,000 from the neighbours. Can you help with this or am I on the wrong track thinking this way? And yes, it would be nice to have sewers, but at such an expense to homeowners?

Mike Inouyi