Lack of focus on life skills at root of problems

Resident feels more focus needs to be on teaching values to our youth

Re: Exam-ining education in SD62 – Pt. 3: Changing the way it’s done (Gazette, April 10)

Ray Miller’s commendable desire to better connect with more students will be wasted effort unless schools focus on teaching values for human life.

Examples of the result of lack of focus include failure to stop bullying, school boards that seem more concerned over irrelevant activism like shark fins than about students, the B.C. Teachers’ Federation’s attempts to force their ideology into students, high school students racing around endangering other drivers and pedestrians, misbehaviour in parks, recycling of failed teaching fads by the education ministry and confused young adults who are often violent.

What do those failures have in common? Avoiding focus on educating students is a major cause – Miller deserves much credit for focusing on students.

Collectivism is the cause of many failures. School boards and the BCTF are more interested in socio-economic politics than children – consider for example the candidates in Saanich who ran under the recycled “Progressive” banner of the anti-mind ideology of Marxism, which teaches that contradictions are good. What a great way to teach good thinking skills for successful life – not!

Attempts to stop bullying ignore individuals as targets and perpetrators. One school board moved the victim instead of firmly re-educating each perpetrator, some SD62 students fell for the “Kick a Ginger” violence.

Who is ultimately at fault? Voters who elect school boards and the provincial governments. And teachers who blindly support the B.C. Teacher’s Federation.

Keith Sketchley, Saanich