Irresponsible dog owners to blame in livestock deaths

Mother remembers the day 30 years ago that traumatized daughter

Re: West Shore News Through the Decades (Gazette, March 18)

I was surprised to be reminded in “Through the Decades” of the gruesome discovery our family made that morning 30 years ago when we found our flock of sheep panicked and mauled by dogs.

Both attacked sheep died including the unborn twin lambs resulting in a substantial loss to farm revenues and an emotional loss that has resonance today.

My daughter still dislikes dogs and particularly dislikes irresponsible dog owners.

Those are the ones with loose dogs on trails and streets that rush up to play with passersby and the owners insist that their dogs are friendly.

Every dog has it’s wild avatar, and taken in pairs and groups they become like a pack of wolves.

Farmers can attest to the number of chickens and sheep killed each year by frolicking friendly dogs who are “just having fun.”

Those dogs are doing what comes naturally to them and I never blame the dog for killing and running livestock; I always blame the ignorant owner.

More then 10 chickens have been savaged and killed by at least two different dogs on the Galloping Goose Trail this winter. Sheep are run and killed every year by pet dogs.

The trauma and loss can not be waved away with dollars, replacement animals and apologies.

I wish dog owners would recognize the essential “doggy-ness” of their pets and train and care for them responsibly. There is no excuse for a family pet allowed to become a killer and a fear monger.

It does all responsible pet owners and their companions a huge disservice.

Wendy Mitchell, Metchosin