Ideas of deer cull inhumane

Re: Killing in the name of what?, Written in Ink, March 2, 2012.

Re: Killing in the name of what?, Written in Ink, March 2, 2012.

I appreciated Charla Huber’s column “Killing in the name of what?”

I did want to comment though that a bolt gun can be used in a slaughterhouse to stun an animal.

The captive bolt gun method used for killing B.C. urban deer is a penetrating four-inch spike driven into the brain of the animal.

A reliable witness in Kimberley, who watched the process was definitely impacted by it. Many others feel that if it were ever to be shown to the public, there would be outrage from animal lovers the world over.

The deer were trapped in the clover traps for many hours. By the time contractors arrived at 6 a.m., the exhausted deer were lying down inside the traps, and went ballistic when they collapsed the trap on top of them.

They were bear hugged by the contractors and then killed by the penetrating bolt gun. The observer was a seasoned hunter, but said it certainly was not for the squeamish.

In Kimberley and Cranbrook, many fawns were killed along with does and bucks. As prey animals, they obviously would experience great terror and stress awaiting death, not to mention the close human contact in the last few seconds of their lives.

This may not matter to an often uncaring public in this province, but it has disturbed many residents of the Kootenays, not just the so-called bleeding hearts.

Even many avid sport hunters are dead against it, and have encouraged Kootenay civic leaders to investigate non-lethal methods of population control for ensuing years.

It is surprising to me that so many ethical hunters find this unacceptable and cruel, and yet folks here callously continue to call for it.

The pro-kill Capital Regional District directors and residents should see what they are sanctioning, and. without question, be there to witness it for themselves, and then have to explain it to their children and grandchildren.

Take them along to the butchers and see the fawns hanging on the meat hooks. Many of you dote on your pets, yet you cannot find it in your soul to extend compassion to wildlife. Shame on you for your hard hearts.

Sheila Carroll