HST impacting peoples’ lives

Re: Political bluster fogs HST debate, Letters, May 27, 2011.

To quote the letter writer William Perry: “The B.C. government is compelled to ensure residents have all the information” and “the reality is the HST hasn’t really hit any of us.”

My husband and I (89 and 79 years old) have serious back problems and depend on treatments from a registered massage therapist, who, although recognized by the B.C. government under MSP, is not exempt from the HST, although chiropractors and physiotherapists are.

The reason given for this discrimination regarding fees is because massage therapists are only registered in three provinces, not five.

HST has hit us and I am sure we are not unique. I urge everyone to be sure of all the facts before voting and to really question whatever spin the B.C. Liberals put on “all the information.”

Christina Rainey