Government policy promises political protection for MLAs

Health ministry firings inquiry by Ombudsperson lacks teeth

In the matter of the firings by the Ministry of Health, the purported reason for sending the inquiry to the Ombudsperson, Jay Chalke, is to save taxpayers money. The independent inquiry requested by those wrongfully dismissed, and the majority of taxpayers is deemed too expensive.

The latest debacle at the Ministry of Children and Family Development saw the province disregard the cost-saving option that would see Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond lead the inquiry in favour of spending more taxpayer money by appointing Bob Plecas. After all, Ms. Turpel-Lafond is already on the government payroll.

The irony of this inconsistent policy is further exacerbated by the government’s long-standing argument when justifying outrageous compensation packages awarded to senior bureaucrats, that we have to pay to get the best result. In both instances, we the taxpayers are being short-changed because Mr. Chalke does not have the power afforded a fully independent board of inquiry and the scope of Mr. Placas’ inquiry is severely curtailed.

Can there be any doubt that these decisions have been made to protect the future political lives of some very senior elected individuals? It is too bad that these same protective considerations were not afforded to those whose lives have been forever impacted and particularly Mr. MacIsaac and all the children who are no longer with us. For shame!

Dave Fowler