Good debate, promises doubtful

Somewhat a politics junkie, one without party affiliations who at one time or other has voted for all three major parties, I avidly watched the four-way federal leaders debate on Tuesday. A good one!

Recognizing the political posturing and ganging up on Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the other three still made a lot more sense as to what they said and how they expressed their party positions and platforms.

Harper, as done previously, found a way around facing or answering uncomfortable questions and accusations, in particular his being in contempt of parliament and his button-downed response to ongoing attempts to obtain reasonable facts and figures to support his party’s proposals.

As for NDP leader Jack Layton, never destined to be prime minister this round, he should have been more realistic, should have promoted the NDP as the best bet for official opposition, a role that party has fulfilled well in the past.

Anyway, whatever was said, I had great difficulty believing any of the participants: promises and more promises, never to be kept.

Don Wilkes