Get out the vote this time Colwood

Whenever I return to Canada, I appreciate again that it is a great country to live in.

Whenever I return to Canada, I appreciate again that it is a great country to live in.

This is a country populated with people who have endeavoured to shape their lives with individual beliefs and desires. Too many other countries have long standing authoritarian regimes and little interest in improving the lives of fellow countrymen.

Recently citizens from countries smaller than some of our provinces or territories have tried to attain the right to elect leaders chosen by the people.

This year the people of  Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Syria have fought for these rights we take for granted, and many have died.

Here in Canada most of us surge though our daily activities only taking an interest in government when our personal lives are affected.  I believe we have a responsibility to use our rights to vote simply because in so many other places people can’t.  For me, voting is a kind of respect for people who died trying for that right.

Here we can go to our local polling place without fear of reprisals. Here we can decide what we like or don’t like about the candidates. Here we can decide to put our X beside the person we choose.

Vote in all elections any time you can. Get your family to the polling places, take your neighbours, and kids who have reached 18.

Here in Colwood, British Columbia, Canada as our world grows ever smaller, the need to speak for ourselves becomes ever greater.  Here no one has to fight or die to vote.

Mark these dates on your calendar:

Nov. 9 and 16, advance polls 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Colwood city hall, 3300 Wishart Rd.

Nov. 19, voting day, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  at Colwood city hall.

If you haven’t voted before take documents to prove your name, address, age 18 and residency in B.C. for six months: driver’s license, owner’s car insurance registration, utility bill or credit card statement or rental contract.

Please vote.

Heather Webber