Entitlement mentality pervasive in our culture

Columnist hits the mark describing our dependency on the system

Re: Urban society slides into helplessness (B.C. Views, Sept. 9)

The rabid callers that Tom Fletcher describes are an example of ignorance combined with the entitlement mentality. The old joke about city dwellers thinking that chocolate milk comes from brown cows may have a ring of truth about it.

Are B.C. schools not teaching people that milk and eggs have to be produced and transported by someone, who should not be expected to work for nothing. Oh, right. That’s the school system that hasn’t stopped bullying despite decades of effort – the collectivist bureaucracies of the BC government and BCTF are not doing a proper job of education.

The entitlement mentality drives dangerously, cheats, robs, riots, rapes, and murders. Not new – Vancouver has a riot every decade or so – but seems to be increasing (or is it just there are more outlets for idiots, such as the twit service and media who are not smarter?).

And we are now in for weeks of politicians pandering to the mentality by promising what they can’t deliver – such as Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promising better roads, despite those being primarily a provincial responsibility.

Keith Sketchley