EDITORIAL: Biker clubhouse buzz goes viral

We’re interested to hear how you feel about this community issue

Langford was – and still is – abuzz in the aftermath of last week’s events surrounding the presence of motorcycle gang Devils Army and their clubhouse on Spencer Road.

Residents, businesspeople and anyone driving along Spencer Road wondered what the giant “41” on two separate signs represented, but soon found out, as the bikes rumbled into the fenced-off parking lot on Saturday, accompanied in plain sight by numerous police officers on bikes, vehicles and even a hovering helicopter. (The 41 is said to be for the fourth and first letters of the alphabet – DA, the initials of Devils Army)

Word is that only some traffic violations were incurred by attendees at the gathering.

So the question is, what happens next?

From the explosion of activity on social media in recent days, there appears to be two prevailing opinions on the matter.

On the one hand are people who believe such a gang, with its connections to the more notorious and organized crime-linked Hells Angels, should be run out of town before they get a foothold in the community.

On the other are people who point to the fact that it’s not illegal to be a member of a motorcycle gang, and that the surrounding area may well be safer with this facility here.

No doubt, the presence of this clubhouse will be troubling for neighbours and others in the community for the next while, until things either settle into some semblance of normalcy, or it is closed.

No doubt the police will keep an eye on the goings-on at 2775 Spencer Rd. for a while, as will the neighbours.

We don’t expect the buzz on this issue to go away anytime soon, but we’d like to hear what you think about this issue.

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