Disparity in letter’s assessment of clout

Re: We should have gone for the pork (Letters, May 20)

I find it ironic that James Finley’s criticism of my letter “Conservatives have reason to ignore us” (Letters, May 13) in which he characterizes an MP’s ability to access federal money for local projects as “pork,” would appear in the same edition as an article about Denise Savoie eyeing the speaker’s job.

The article states: “In her role, Savoie was able to speak with ministers and other MPs about important projects for the Victoria riding, such as the need for federal funding for the replacement of the Johnson Street Bridge”.

Am I to conclude that if an NDP representative uses her position as assistant deputy speaker to benefit the region it’s a good thing, but if a Conservative member of a majority government does so, it’s pork barrel politics?

John Coppard