Cut the biker gang some slack, folks

Many gang members have families at home and contribute to their community

I wanted to express my opinion over the bikers in Langford. Throughout the years our society has come to judge a book by its cover, sometimes even sooner. But with a Hells Angels presence in other towns, crime rate has seen a downfall in most cases.

They set a huge presence in a community towards safety, give back to the community, and provide many young families and children with presents near Christmas as an act of kindness.

Although people may look at bikers as loud, annoying, tough-looking individuals, that person may have a family of four at home who they provide for, care for and would fight to protect, just like you as a reader care for your family.

We have to admit to ourselves not everyone is perfect, and if we were to judge our police force as the bikers, think of what would happen with society.

Calvin Vosburgh