Costly goose cull shows poor CRD management

Colwood resident disputes claims of project being successful

A drive along the new Latoria Boulevard, where there are now more geese than students at the new high school, reminds us of a comment heard recently: “Goose cull was a success” (Susan Brice, chair of the Capital Regional District regional parks committee).

That claim evoked howls of disbelief in this household. It was not a success, it was a disaster, yet another example of the careless disregard for and waste of taxpayers’ money by the CRD. Brice claims it only cost taxpayers $4,000, and that the remaining $27,000 was paid by the province of B.C. through a grant from the B.C. Agricultural Research and Development Corporation. And where do they get the money from? Taxpayers, that’s who, Ms. Brice.

Once again, the CRD has followed through on a project and fumbled it entirely – such a tragic waste of our money with no tangible results. How do we get rid of this body of people who appear to be clueless in their approach to whatever project is next on their agenda?

Please take away the money, the board members, and replace them with experts who can show us some credible results. Right now the sidewalks of Latoria Boulevard are covered with goose poop and we cannot spend more money for such an inefficient method of culling.

Pamela Jackson