Complaints offer no solutions

The same old names seem to keep appearing in your “Letters to the Editor”

The same old names seem to keep appearing in your “Letters to the Editor”  — in particular, a couple of View Royal writers whose frequent harpings about all and everything being wrong in this neck of the woods.

We all know how easy it is to find fault with things when you have enough time on your hands to look hard enough for them.

I’d also point out to those few negative critics that not addressing major public safety concerns is neither a positive nor progressive solution to any of their targeted complaints at this time.

When public safety is at issue responsible governing bodies have little choice but to move forward.

As higher levels of government download major responsibilities such as bridge maintenance and construction — an obvious safety issue — on to local government bodies, they dump huge financial burdens on the shoulders of our local politicians.

The suggestion of paying one’s taxes only to the area of one’s preference not only invites civil disorder but merely contributes to such problems.

And implying that View Royal’s hard-working and resourceful council members are egocentric is simply irrational, solves nothing and insults all those voters in our municipality who confidently re-elected all of them by a considerable majority.

Jocelyn Skrlac

View Royal